Start a business in Bulgaria quick and easy

Bulgaria is the country that has the most favorable tax rates in Europe and a low cost of mostly everything. This is the reason why many people choose to start a business in Bulgaria.

The country isn’t a part of the Eurozone but is a member of the European Union. The currency is the Bulgarian Lev. The government is with the second-lowest debt in the EU and they have one of the lowest budget deficits. On the other way, that makes Bulgaria a stable country in which to do business.

Start a business in Bulgaria

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It is called the startup package and includes just the basic things such as the registration of the Bulgarian company. The others are the standard and the complete ones that provide more services, for example, one of which is the provision of an office address. As you know, there is no way to launch a company in Bulgaria without an address registration and this is what they do – they provide you an already registered one.

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