Why Soccer Picks are better than Dating Taylor Swift

Being one of the most watched sporting event worldwide,soccer has advanced more than just being a sport.Many stakeholders in soccer have used it for commercial purposes,to promote their brand,to open new markets in different geographical locations to take advantage of the increasing fan base across the world.

One of the most attractive investments in soccer has been betting as bookmakers are almost guaranteed of regular incomes from lost bets and commissions from their clients. Indeed betting has attracted more people since for many, they need to invest low incomes for higher returns. It is for this reason that websites such as onlinesocceradvisor.com has emerged to offer tips and advice on the best Soccer Picks in onlinesocceradvisor.com that will give clients better returns. Such sites come up with statistics for each team,look into injuries to players, suspensions and psychological factors and develop coefficients which they use to calculate the probabilities of winning for either team or a draw.Of course this service comes at a small fee but subscribers have at least 70 percent accuracy in betting.

Onlinesocceradvisor.com targets those clients who have got no clue about betting on a particular soccer game.
Why Soccer Picks are better than Dating Taylor Swift
It is also useful for those who don’t have luck in betting soccer games.Indeed,it is very disheartening to lose a bet especially if you placed a bet with large amounts of money. But again come to think of it, does soccer betting have advantages for bettors if any?

Picking the correct soccer picks can actually give you more returns than your investments and we have had testimonies from some bettors whose lives have transformed for the better thanks to betting. Besides, these returns are usually tax free. Can you imagine winning millions of cash money that is tax free?What else could be better than that? For many of those who are big fans of betting, they can easily argue that it is by far better than dating.

Dating in itself requires huge investment of your money and time because in this game, it is more about pleasing your partner. You need to invest on the best of clothes that you will wear during such dates.You always feel the pressure to impress the family of your partner to gain their approval. And what about doing all these things and eventually suffering a heartbreak? The magnitude of such heartbreak would be higher if you were dating a high profile girl like for instance Taylor Swift due to the investment involved.These are some of the reasons why soccer picks are better than dating Taylor Swift.