Cultural agenda adds value to Plovdiv top offers

Plovdiv is an amazing place to visit even without attending any particular event. The oldest living city in Europe has all it needs for a weekend-long (or longer) sightseeing tour. And while there is no way to get some of the Plovdiv top offers without visiting the Old Town or Kapana (The Trap) quarter, the rich cultural agenda of the city adds significantly to the value of the overall experience. The audience from all around the country and even from abroad is drawn to the heart of Bulgarian South year-round for a variety of events. Music gigs pull the biggest crowds but there also other art forms that make people travel to the city.

2019 will be a real showdown

Next years Plovdiv top offers will be positively linked with a broad spectrum of events. The city has been designated to be one of the European capital of culture for 2019. It’s not only a matter of honorary mention but a chance to make the streets and stages a territory of flourishing artistic activity.

One of the venues which everyone has to visit while in Plovdiv being it for a special or just as a part of a casual walk-around, is the Ancient theater. Some of the greatest concerts in Bulgaria happen there, and since the capacity is limited to not more than 4 thousand people in the audience, it is fully packed for the most popular acts. Local people are excited about what will be the agenda for this stage in 2019, and the gigs and plays will undoubtedly draw travelers from abroad.

The Old Town is not the only place to host such events

This part of the city is a must-see, you cannot pretend that you have picked some of Plovdiv top offers which do not include getting to know the steep streets leading to one of the hills (Tepeta) the area is so famous for – Nebet tepe. But the cultural agenda of the place is not restricted to that quarter only. The main street is the area where many performances and exhibit are focused around. Kapana which is steps away from the pedestrian strip in the downtown and is a favorite zone for low-profile small attendance type of events. The big gigs anyway like the Iron Maiden show, for instance, are set away from the center of the city near the Rowing canal.