Bulgaria ranks high for affordable hunting

Chasing the wild game might be a costly hobby. Not as expensive as climbing Himalayan peaks, for sure, but still an adventure lasting four or five days needs a budget around the mid 4 figures per person. For that matter that Bulgaria hunting best price is the deal to catch. The country welcomes the hunters with great conditions in well prepared and maintained reserves and the holiday expenses will rarely exceed 3000 Euros for 3-4 hunting days including the flight and accommodation. Well, if you are about to bring a big trophy back home, the fee increases significantly.

What are the basics you need to pay for?

If you look for Bulgaria hunting best price, it is recommended to pick a package deal that includes more for the money you pay. While the chase for different animals varies, an approximate cost of roughly 1200 Euro per person for 4 hunting days is pretty normal. Booking with trustworthy agencies like Favia Viaggi, the price of that range includes not only the accommodation in a high category hunting lodge but also the transfers from and to the airport, the assistance upon arrival and departure, the services of an interpreter if need be, documents and formalities, etc. And of course, a Bulgarian hunting license valid for 30 days is included too. The measurement of the trophy according to the CIC system is also part of the deal but the trophy has to be paid for additionally. The expedition of the game is also beyond the means of the package price.

Calculate carefully the cost of the transportation

Even in Bulgaria, hunting best price does not include the airfare. The cost of the flight has to be calculated meticulously, especially if you plan to bring your own guns and dogs for the holidays. Make up your mind because sometimes hiring rifles and shotguns and using dog services on the property might turn out to be more affordable.

The accommodation comes is on a full board with an accent on the typical Bulgarian cuisine. In Bulgaria, hunting best price comes with the superb Bulgarian wine for dinner. Watch out here – other alcoholic beverages are not included in the package. Having the Wi-Fi and the cable TV isn’t something the riflemen care so much about during the hunting holidays but such amenities are also granted in Bulgaria.